Injecting repairable cracks in concrete:

Lowers repair costs by eliminating the need to remove and rebuild a structure or dig outside ruining landscapes, patios and porches.

Stops the leakage of water and fluids through concrete structures that can result in damage to finished basements with expensive carpets and furniture.



  1. Clean surface cracked member by wire brushing, power washing, sandblasting, probing and vacuuming as required.

  2. Prepare injection ports in the crack by inserting a straight pin, nail or wire into the crack.

  3. Seal the surface of the crack with an epoxy gel material.

  4. Remove the nail from the crack to expose the injection port. Seal the epoxy mixing head over the injection port by use of a neoprene rubber gasket, compressed manually to provide a pressure seal.

  5. Inject the epoxy into the lowest, or end port of the crack. Continue the injection using sufficient pressure to keep the material moving until the epoxy exudes from the next port.

  6. Seal the port into which the epoxy was being injected and continue the process by injecting into the port from which the material has just exuded.

  7. Continue the injection process until all ports have been injected and pressure resistance has been achieved.